How Lasers Can Improve Your Smile

As one of the most common and popular forms of cosmetic dentistry in the modern world, laser dentistry is a revolutionary practice that can improve the color, strength, and health of your teeth using a no-contact treatment option. Patients visit our office of cosmetic dentistry in Chino to get laser treatment for both cosmetic and restorative reasons, and we are happy to offer both. Let’s take a look at how lasers can improve your smile using quick, pain-free techniques.

How Lasers Can Improve Your Smile

Replace Damaged Dental Fillings

Although laser dentistry most commonly treats soft tissue issues, it can also address hard tissue issues. Laser dentistry can also repair worn-out dental fillings. Dental fillings, like teeth, are susceptible to staining. Laser dentistry might be able to remove the stain.

Whiten Your Teeth with Whitening Treatments

Laser teeth whitening refers to a dental procedure that involves the application of a bleaching gel to teeth and heating it with lasers. We apply the bleaching gel to the teeth and heated with dental lasers. This results in the removal of stubborn stains. This treatment is great for patients with healthy teeth who have natural discoloration or minor to moderate stains.

Reshaping Gum Tissue

Laser gum contouring is a technique that can reshape your gums and create a beautiful smile. This can be used to correct a “gummy smile,” which is when too much gum tissue is visible. Gum contouring can be done using a scalpel. This can cause discomfort, as you can see. Laser dentistry reduces discomfort from gum contouring. It uses lasers that emit highly focused light energy to target the gums and recontour them for a better appearance.

Restructure the Jawbone

Also, laser dentistry can address problems with the jawbone. This can be a procedure to reshape the jawbone following bone loss. This can work in conjunction with gum contouring, or separately. Laser dentistry proves safer than traditional methods of treating periodontal disease and can occur in a more conservative manner.

Treat Dental Cavities

Laser dentistry is a method of treating dental cavities and completing the dental filling process. Lasers are used to remove decayed tooth portions. This is a much less invasive procedure than when a dental drill and scalpel are used.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Those who become good candidates for the procedure can enjoy many of the best benefits of laser dentistry, such as:

  • A faster healing time
  • There is less post-surgical bleeding
  • Less pain
  • Anesthesia might not prove required
  • Lasers are less likely to infect because they are sterile.
  • Lasers can be very precise so that less healthy tissue must be removed
  • And laser treatment is less likely to require stitches

Your dentist can instruct you on what to expect before, during, and after your laser treatment. Recovery is typically very fast and comes with very few negative symptoms. Not to mention, your customized treatment plan can be made to include other restorative dentistry treatments at the same time.

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Dentistry?

There are a few things that go into laser dentistry. These include the type of work needed, the condition of the gums, and the overall health of the teeth. Laser dentistry is a procedure that requires you to see a dentist who is qualified to perform this type of treatment.

Before recommending this type of dentistry, your dentist will examine your gums and evaluate your teeth. Your dentist will be able to recommend other treatment options if you aren’t a candidate.

Restore Your Smile with Laser Dentistry Today!

At Chino Aesthetic Dental, we care about your health and well-being on the inside and the outside. Whether you are looking to lift dark stains on your teeth or you need to reshape your gums after an illness, you can get the specialized treatment you need with laser dentistry in Chino. Reach out to our dental experts today and schedule a personal consultation to get started!

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