TMJ Treatment

A TMJ disorder can be a challenge to live with due to the range of symptoms it can cause. While some symptoms are inconvenient, others can outright interrupt your life and interfere with tasks such as speaking or chewing. With the right TMJ treatment at Chino Aesthetic Dental, you can find a way out from these symptoms and overcome TMJ.

At Chino Aesthetic Dental, Dr. Joshi carefully evaluates every patient, providing a clear diagnosis of your situation and working on the right treatment from there. She works closely with you to find the best solution for improving and sustaining your oral health.

Stock image of a skull showing Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

What Is TMD?

Short for temporomandibular joint disorder, TMD is the name of a condition that affects the joints of your jaw. Specifically, it interferes with where your lower jawbone connects to your skull. Whether speaking or eating, this joint clearly has a lot of action throughout the day, so any concerns with it can begin to significantly impact your daily life.
TMJ dysfunction occurs as a result of those joints becoming inflamed or irritated, which can happen due to various causes. Common causes of TMJ disorder include:
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Dislocation at the joint
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic or acute stress
  • Trauma or injury at the joint or jaw
  • Improper bite

Signs You Might Have a TMJ Disorder

When you come in for an appointment, Dr. Joshi can fully examine your jaw and joints to provide a diagnosis. After her evaluation, we can get started on providing you with a treatment plan that has the best odds of addressing your situation.
Some signs that you might have a TMJ disorder include:
  • Pain (in the jaw, neck, shoulders, or even your teeth)
  • Headaches and/or earaches
  • Trouble with fully opening your mouth
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Sounds from the jaw joint (popping, clicking, or grating)
  • Impaired chewing ability
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Swelling on the affected side of your face

Benefits of Treating TMJ Disorders

Symptom Relief

With timely treatment, you can reduce the impact your symptoms have on your daily life.


Successful treatment can prevent your teeth from shifting or damage to your joints.

Control Over Your Jaw

Regain control over chewing, eating, and speaking in daily life.

Should I Have TMJ Treatment?

Once you have your full diagnosis, we can start on seeing what treatment is right for your situation. For many patients, their symptoms are the key factor in seeking treatment or not. In short, if your symptoms interfere with your life or cause you significant discomfort, then treating your TMJ is likely the right option.
Key signs you should seek treatment include:
  • Difficulty opening or closing your mouth
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw popping
If you currently experience teeth grinding but have not developed TMD, we recommend visiting our office. By taking care of bruxism early on, you can decrease the likelihood of developing ant TMJ disorder later on.

What Is the Treatment Like?

Due to the various causes and symptoms of TMJ disorders, treatment also varies significantly. What might help one patient find relief from TMJ symptoms might not be the right choice for another. By working with an experienced dental expert, you have the best odds of getting the right treatment to fix your situation. Treating TMJ disorder can range from non-surgical treatments to more in-depth surgery, depending on what is the core cause of your disorder.
Below you can find some of the common ways to treat TMJ disorders.
  • TENS: Short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Relaxes the jaw joints and facial muscles with low-level electrical currents.
  • Ultrasound: Relieves soreness and improves joint mobility using deep heat treatment.
  • Trigger-point Injections: By injecting specific medication or anesthetic into target muscles, we can reduce pain.
  • Radio wave therapy: Similar to TENS, this delivers low-level electrical stimulation, resulting in increased blood flow and relief.
  • Surgery: Several different surgical options are also available for treating TMJ disorders. However, these are usually tried only after less-invasive methods have proven not to provide the relief you need.
Whatever treatment you receive, we focus on providing it in a comfortable and professional environment. At every step, we work to ensure your comfort and results are maximized so you can remove the influence of TMD from your life. Call us today to get started on a personalized TMJ treatment plan at Chino Aesthetic Dental.

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We believe every patient deserves to have every part of their mouth and jaw function to full capacity. Schedule your appointment at Dentist Chino today to get started on achieving relief from TMD through professional TMJ disorder treatment. Dr. Joshi and her experienced team look forward to helping you improve the health of your joints and get a big smile back on your face. Call us today to get started.

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